Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ready for Rome

Welcome to the Rome Business Program blog. My name is Dan and I'm a junior pursuing a BA in International Relations with a concentration in International Economics and a BS in Business. In Rome, I'm studying at the fashion school Accademia Italiana through the Rome Business Program.

I'll be in Italy from January 12 to May 15. Aside from studying...one of the reasons I chose to study abroad in Italy was for the gelato - until I discovered that it is merely ice cream with less air. What a downer...thanks for nothing, Italy.

I'm actually looking forward to: learning more Italian than my own last name; seeing how Little Italy pizza in my hometown of Boston compares with that of Big Italy; racing around the Continent before my weakening dollars run out; and of course demonstrating my remarkable agility by riding a scooter.

Check back for more updates soon...

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  1. All the best with your experience in Rome and your studies. Italy is rich in culture and things to see and experience. Make sure to venture off the beaten track as you will be rewarded with a richer experience.

    All the best!
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